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Virtual Classroom: Coating FingerPrint Foundation

The paint & coatings and oil & gas industries have initiated the requirement for a polymeric Coating Fingerprint Certificate (similar to a Mill Certificate for metals) to improve quality assurance and quality control. The authentication Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) analysis has been selected as the appropriate method to provide the requirement, in addition to other physical tests which are regularly conducted by the paint & coating manufacturers, for fingerprinting.

Time & Date

5 April 2021 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
(Theory + Demo + Guided Hands-on + Discussion)


This course will equip the trainee with the knowledge and skills in FTIR analysis for authentication of coating fingerprinting, equipment, mechanics of the FTIR testing, appreciation of the strengths and limitations of FTIR method, interpretation & analysis of FTIR results, and exposure to FTIR sample analysis in the classroom.

Course Content

  • Coating Fingerprint Certificate
  • Sampling standards of materials
  • IMM FTIR Analysis Standards for protective coatings
  • Basic introduction to FTIR
  • Basic application of a FTIR software Generation of Reference FTIR spectrum
  • Estimation of degree of similarity for samples
  • Rejection and acceptance of samples
  • Dos and Don’ts in FTIR analysis
  • Running samples using ATR accessories
  • Interpretation of FTIR test results
  • Quality control tools in a FTIR software
  • Data analysis using a commercial FTIR software

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in the topic and their applications including graduates with bachelor degree through Ph.D level, researchers, chemists, engineers, physicists, or technicians from academia and industry who work in or are beginning to work in the field. Managers in this industry will greatly benefit from this overview lecture course.

References Standard

(reference used shall refer to the latest published document):

  • IMM FP01, Coating Fingerprinting Overall Procedures for Paint Systems Using FTIR and Other Related Methods
  • IMM FP02, Paint Raw Material Overall Procedures Using FTIR and Other Related Methods
  • IMM FP03, Dried Coating Fingerprinting Overall Procedures Using FTIR and Other Related Methods