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About Us

MTE trained

73 Welding Engineers & 18 Senior Welding Engineers

MTE proud to offer programs

Ensure Quality ad Professional Knowledge-Workers

MTE specializes in delivering all

IMM Training and Certification Programs

MTE trained

Over 600 Coatings Inspectors, 2500 Blaster & Painters

MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION SDN BHD (MTE) started its journey into the educational world on July 2, 2004, to reach its ultimate destination - to be a 100 percent skills-based university in Malaysia. MTE is a product of a joint venture between Inter Merger Group (IMG) & IMM Resources Sdn Bhd. Institute of Materials Malaysia (IMM) wholly owns the latter. MTE specializes in delivering all IMM Training and Certification Programs in Malaysia beginning January, 2005. In line with our vision - Quality Innovative Skills Education - MTE is proud to offer programs that will ensure quality and professional Knowledge-Workers (K-Workers) for our country’s skills job market.

Over the years, MTE has conducted IMM courses on Coatings, Corrosion, Cathodic Protection, Welding and Vibration in support of the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. Over 600 Coatings Inspectors have been trained and certified by IMM as well as 2,500 Blaster & Painters, Supervisors, Corrosion Technicians, Cathodic Protection Technician and Engineers. IMM certification programmes are recognizes by PETRONAS and oil & gas operators. Since January 2016, 72 Associate Welding Engineers, 73 Welding Engineers and 18 Senior Welding Engineers were trained and certified by IMM and Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES).